Zhongshan Hotel lighting industry company explains how to choose room lighting

2020-06-18 1313

  Purchasing skills of room lamps

  Table lamp is one of the important articles in hotel room articles. It is usually placed on the bedside table for lighting or decoration. Nowadays, there are various kinds of table lamps on the market, with different styles. You should pay attention to:

  1. Choose according to function. Table lamp can be divided into reading table lamp and decoration table lamp according to function. Reading table lamp, with simple and light appearance, refers to the table lamp specially used for reading and writing. This lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction and brightness of the light, mainly for lighting reading function. The decoration table lamp has luxurious appearance, various materials and styles, and disordered structure, which is used to decorate the space effect. The decoration function is equal to the lighting function. Therefore, it can be determined according to the specific needs of the hotel.


  2. When purchasing a writing desk lamp, in addition to the optical performance, you should also check other performance. The methods are as follows: one pull, two tone, three shake and four touch. "Pull" refers to pull the power cord plug out of the socket and pull the power cord to the outside of the lamp chamber to see if the power cord is firm. The power cord must not fall out of the lamp chamber. "Adjustment" refers to various operation positions of the table lamp. During conditioning, it is not allowed to declare movement and stillness. After conditioning, the operation position shall be locked conveniently and reliably. "Shaking" refers to turning the table lamp to a more unlucky working position, and then quietly shaking the plane on which the table lamp is placed to see whether the table lamp is simply turned over. If the table lamp is not stable enough, it is simply turned over. "Touch" refers to whether it is difficult to touch the heating parts such as lampshade by hand after lighting the lamp for a period of time (2 hours), so as to prevent accidental scald in future use.

  3. Safety: when choosing lamps, we should not blindly covet the low price, but first look at the quality and check whether the warranty and certificate of conformity are complete. Sometimes the more expensive ones are not necessarily better, but the ones that are too cheap are definitely worse. Many low-cost lights are of poor quality and often have endless hidden dangers. Once there is a fire, the consequences are unimaginable.

  4. Style and style of table lamp. According to the overall style of the hotel, the desk lamp should match the room environment so as to leave a good image for the guests.

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